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Lady Myou-Hana
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United States
Queen of the Universe! BOW TO ME!!

Current Career: Lazy ass artist
Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Random shit
Favourite style of art: anime
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  • Drinking: Hot Cocoa
Sup.  This is 2 days late.  I don't care.
I wrote it out on the 1st... but I posted it on facebook.

In lieu of the new year, here's some of my character's...

(Because I don't have any... yet)

Myou-Hana: ...Why must I have one of these EVERY human year? This is a waste of my time. (Oh yes... because you have something better to do >.>) I do. Alcohol. (TELL ALL THE PEOPLE YOUR RESOLUTION, WOMAN!) Fine, fine. I suppose my 'resolution' for this human year shall be.... to take over the world. Through my children. (>.>) What do you want? I have sake to drink. That's another thing, more sake this year. Someone tell Mephiles to start bringing me larger bottles.

Kyrsa: SEEEEXXXX!!!! (GOD DAMMIT, WOMAN!!) Well what else did you expect? MY RESOLUTION THIS YEAR IS TO MAKE METAL HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF UNADULTERATED, UNPARALLELED, HOT, SAUCY, KINKY SEEEEEXXX!  >D  (*sigh* know that's not happening, right?)  ...Shut your whore mouth and let me dream, dammit.  (I'm not the whore in this situation.)  ...eeeeh, touche.

Lydia: <.<.... Is "washing my brain of all my mother's insanity" an option? (Aaaah, sadly, no. No it is not. You are stuck with that. For the rest of your demonic little existence) :c That's not fair. (life's not fair. Now what's your resolution?) Hmm, I want to build a robot. (You've BUILT robots) Yeah but I want to build robots like my daddy. I want to be as brilliant as my daddy... aaaaand more beautiful than my uncle. (...*sigh*)  And to stab him in the other eye >]

Myou: Don't you dare, child.  As much as I adore you as my granddaughter, I will not hesitate to fuck your mother up if Metalla is harmed again.

Kyrsa:  Wait... what?  WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?!

Myou: Well you don't expect me to hurt my darling grandchild, do you?  As vicious as she is.  Envy demons tend to be.

Kyrsa: ....-_-'  Lydia, leave your uncle alone.

Lydia: *pouts*  Fine.  I'll just make a stupid little doll of him... and stab it.  In both the eyes.  Stupid friggin show off brat-faced gender-confused freaking....

(And that's enough from them.  And one final character!)

Feasalu: Oh, you mean I actually get attention this time? (Shuddup and tell the world your plans) ....If I tell them... they will know... if they know... then my plans can not come to fruition. So no. Also, I can't shut up and tell anyone anything at the same time. (..Do you want to lose your other arm?) Fine. I suppose my resolution this year is to... oh, I don't know... HAVE A STORY?! (Yes, yes, I'm working on it. Be patient.) You didn't exactly make me patient. (...Trrruuuueeee.... but do it, anyway.) *sigh* I'm new to your brain and I ALREADY don't like it here. (MUUUHAHAHAHA!!! YOU'RE STUUUUUCK, LITTLE ANDROID GIRL!!! YOU HAVE NO CHOOIIICCEE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! >D)


And that, ladies and gentlemen..... is why everyone avoided me like the plague in High School. Well, that, and they're assholes. But whatever. THERE'S THE RESOLUTIONS OF MY TOP 4 CHARACTERS!!! BECAUSE WHY NOT!!

Ranmaru: .... ._. ... :c (RANMARU!! YOU WANNA SAY SOMETHING TO THE WORLD?!) ah... well... n-no... not really... I mean.... .______. (<.< out with it, man! ...haha, man... that's a funny word for you) >.>.... (anyway, what did you want to say, my cute little spider?) I just... well I was just... ./////. I was... thinking about... you know... (OH HO HOOOO!!!! AWWW!!! RAAANMAAARUUUU!!! THAT'S ADORABLE!!! LET'S GO TELL OREN!!! 8DDD) o////o

AND THAT'S ALL THE TIME WE HAVE FOR THIS SILLY NONSENSE!  I HAVE PLOTS TO PLOT AND PLANS TO CARRY OUT!!  Muhaha >]  Ya'll will never know what Ranmaru's planning.

*I'm not insane, I swear*


Kyrsa: Wait... what's my dad planning now?

And as a final note.  For those of you who don't know that follow me, I'm in the process of moving.... still.  We only have a week or so left in this house and then we'll be moving to an entirely new place where they know the wifi password!  Yay! >.>

Anyway, so there won't be much uploaded for a little while but then I've got a ton of things I've been wanting to work on.  So hopefully you'll be seeing plenty of updates within the next couple weeks.  New Years AND Christmas pictures to come with that.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  We'll see.

ANYWHO!!  I have a massive headache so I'm gonna go finish my cocoa and.... play Animal Crossing.  And Pokemon.  Woo.


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